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Around A.Y. 6900, various pieces of Hunter Jusenkyou merchandise were created, beginning with a comic book. Initially it was simply the work of the Gudersnipe Foundation attempting to use Hunter's likeness and notoriety to popularize the Foundation's goals. This was not uncommon; every few years the Foundation would find an enigmatic member to popularize among the youth. The existence of a real person gave the story credence.

Along with the books and other media, toys were a requirement.


The merchandise is derived from two main areas:


Various graphic novels and light fiction books were produced of Hunter, as well as an animated television series. Everything therein was complete fiction; only the names of characters and ships were used. While the comic books were fairly realistic (the Foundation provided consultants but did not give actual mission files), the cartoon was, simply put, ridiculous (in one episode, Hunter kicks a tidal wave into the sun). The novels were simplistic, aimed at the same demographic as the cartoon but toned down somewhat for print. Ideally, parents who thought the T.V. show too violent might still let their kids read the books, in which Hunter and his friends typically solved their problems with words, and learning.

Popular interest in Hunter continued throughout the 6900s, the graphic novels (typically considered the most realistic, and usually the most popular) were eventually adapted into a live-action television series and a number of movies.


In A.Y. 6905, Hunter was anointed as a Slayer Dragon, and popular interest in him ignited throughout the Alliance. While it was no secret that the accounts released were the work of writers and not historians, fans quickly became outraged when they discovered that the events were not "real". Many advertisements used the phrase "Hunter Jusenkyou: Real Hero".

In response, the Foundation released a series of "documentaries", which were essentially big-budget action movies based on some of Hunter's exploits. Though certain details had to remain classified, the movies were extremely popular if not entirely accurate.

When Hunter gained notoriety as a Slayer Dragon, his popularity soared. Everything he did as a Slayer Dragon was considered, by law, a matter of public record; so media producers produced a "Real History of Hunter Jusenkyou".


Aside from standards like hats and T-shirts, a variety of other items were produced.

Action Figures

The first Hunter Jusenkyou Action Figure was made almost as a joke, and sold only on G.S. bases. It was a doll, but had "kung-fu grip!" and said four "exciting" phrases: "Are we recording?", "Cloud, I need FTL-power in five minutes or we're all dead", "Hold the line!" and "Not the face!". A great deal of care was not taken in laying down the voice tracks.

Later, a whole series of action figures were created according to the standardized dimensions used to ensure all Foundation-produced toys work together. Lancer Hunter, Action Hunter, Transforming Hunter (which raised a few questions), Pilot Hunter (Harpy, Mech, and atmospheric), and a whole slew of others were eventually produced.

Hunter's personal favorite was "Farm Hunter"(dressed in overalls and a flannel shirt). While the toy makers had no clue and probably made the figure completely at random.

Vehicles and Play Sets

Aside from the original doll, all action figures were made to appropriate scale to fit the existing line of Gudersnipe toys (all Gudersnipe vehicles have accurate toy-versions). Several "Hunter Jusenkyou" editions of various vehicles he famously piloted (fighter jets, harpies, etc.) were created, as well as Star Hammer and Allapa Dismissive (the Star Hammer toy was the Foundation's only "official" acknowledgment that the top-secret vehicle even existed, despite high-profile appearances such as the Star Hammer's taking of the Production Sublight Speed Record).

A series of Saratoga playsets were also created.