Nuclear Ordnance

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The Foundation defines Nuclear Ordnance into one of three categories:

Nuclear One

Called N1 for short, this category covers all the basic nuclear and thermonuclear devices. Standard fission primaries. The conventional 'atom bomb' to put it simply. The Gudersnipe Foundation does not stock any N1 devices.

Nuclear One-Point-Five

N1 or pure nuclear fission bombs are differentiated from fission-initated fusion bombs by the N1.5 distinction. N1.5 uses a fission "primary" which ignites a fusion "secondary", making it at least a two-stage bomb. N1.5 is distinct from fusion-"boosted" N1 designs.

Nuclear Two

Nuclear Two, abbreviated 'N2', is the chief ordnance of the Foundation. N2 differs from N1 in that N2 bombs are built to the highest possible precision and use 100% of their fuel. Further, N2 designs allow for highly variable yields while still maintaining this efficiency. An ideal and versatile bomb, the N2 is the centerpiece of the Foundation's space-based weaponry.

Nuclear Three

N3 is the secret codename for Nova weaponry. It uses the N2 design but a different fuel source, resulting in a much larger explosion. N3 bombs are said to be so powerful they can destabalize the gravitational fields that hold together stars and planets.

Nuclear Four

N4 for short. Similar to the others, but more powerful.