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Altitude is the working-title for an MMO we are designing. All pages will be in the category Altitude and should have the prefix AL_

The basic concept of Altitude centers around a number of powerful beings called "Highers"(working title) who control the world and via for power against each other. Players enter the world as "Elites", individuals who seek to distinguish themselves and who are powerful enough and important enough to be valued by the Highers. Most regular NPCs you encounter will be Lowers. Every characters background is that they began as a Lower and became an Elite in the hope of one day becoming a Higher.

Players will be able to influence the world by serving particular Highers. Game updates will be unlocked by characters flocking to serve new Highers.

Th core of the game is the "Perk System"(working title) which takes the place of character classes. The game is designed to be class-less, but wil incorporate specific architypes. Gameplay will ascribe to be mostly skill-based, with less emphasis on character level.

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