Coalition of Wings

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The Coalition of Wings is a secret society, meant to keep the Progenitor Civilization separate from the Known Worlds.


The Coalition's origins are unknown; but they are believed to hold to an elitist opinion, by which only certain people should be allowed to colonize space, and those who don't deserve it, should never develop space-travel at all. Accordingly, they have agents on various underdeveloped planets, who manipulate whatever social forces they can find, to make sure that only those they deem worthy, can make it off-world. Those few individuals who earn that respect, are secretly spirited away, and sent to colonize other worlds; in which way, most of the Known Worlds came to hold human life. The Coalition themselves are highly secretive: they show themselves to nobody, and make no alliances with anyone, and swear everyone to secrecy who discovers them (including the Eighth Power). Any world they protect, therefore goes on thinking itself the only inhabited world in the Multi-Verse, until and unless they prove themselves worthy of enlightenment on this point. Those whom they spirit away, are generally held to have 'transcended their bodies' and become 'ascended' to higher planes of existence (though no religion, and almost no science, suggests what or where these are). Besides this, the Coalition takes no part in inter-stellar politics, except to prevent anyone from visiting the people they isolate.


Because the Coalition's records are published only among themselves, there is no indication of their belief-system.