Earth-Sphere Confederation

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The Earth-Sphere Confederation, known largely just as "The Confederation" was the third major power to organize in the power-vacuum created by the death of Samuel Fate and the end of the Long Night. The Confederation was short-lived, lasting only about thirty years.


When Samuel Fate was defeated at the Battle of the New Day, the newly-freed industrial worlds where his ships and weapons had previously been manufactured were quick to organize. The practice of slavery (and not the very loose "you live here, you work for us" kind of slavery the dragons practice), was extremely common under Samuel Fate, and continued within the confederacy.

While most of Samuel Fate's millitary equipment was initially rendered useless by his death, confederate scientists were able to design work around and restore functionality within ten years: far faster than the largely disarmed Gudersnipe Foundation or newly-formed Trans-Draconic Federation could bring new, battle-ready fleets to the field.

For a brief period, the Confederation was poised to gain control of much of the former known worlds. A string of sabotages coupled with terror-attacks from a powerful, unknown force, gave them pause until a sudden economic collapse weakened the empire beyond all hope of recovery.

Economic Collapse