MV Potions

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Health is displayed as Current/Maximum. For example, you begin with one hundred, so it displayed 100/100. If you take 10 points of damage, its 90/100.


Health Potion: restores health Varieties: 30% Heal 60% Heal 100% Heal Manna Potion: restores manna Varieties: 30% Restore 60% Restore 100% Restore

Fortify: increases health 10%, stacks. Fortification System: Basically, it creates a buffer-bar above your maximum health. Health potions will only restore to the max. Example: you have 100 health points natively, you drink a fortify, your health shows up as 110/100. Drink another, now you’re 121/100.

Cure Poison: does just what the name implies.

Poison: also does what the name implies. One drink robs you of 50% of your health and leaves you ‘poisoned’.