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The Mage Wars was a period of intense fighting that followed the Age of Darkness and preceded the Golden Age. The Mage Wars lasted approximately 3700 years and saw the most intense fighting during the Chaotic Periods.

All dates are given according to the B.G.A. System

Dates and Breakdown

All dates in the Mage Wars were established later and use the B.G.A. or 'Before Golden Age' system. So 1000 B.G.A. would be 1000 years before the first year of the Golden Age. Dates prior to the last few centuries are considered approximate.

The B.G.A. system was not formally introduced until the Second Age, at which point written records using other calender systems were translated, thus adding to the wide inaccuracy of established dates.

The Mage Wars are traditionally divided into two Chaotic Periods and one Dynastic Period. There is also acknowledged an Intermediate Period between the First Chaotic Period and the Dynastic Period, thus separating the entire history into 4 periods. An alternative breakdown classifies the first 200 years into its own Intermediate Period, which would create 5 periods. While the 5-period breakdown is based on the concept that major hostilities did not begin until around 3500 B.G.A., it is not a part of the Accepted Histories.


No specific date has ever been fixed for the start of hostilities, and indeed conflict was already rife throughout the last century of the Age of Darkness. However, the point of transition from Dark Times to Mage Wars is the establishment of High Tower, around 3700 B.G.A.. While the date of completion of High Tower cannot be fixed with any accuracy, the Bur'Ian chronology puts it during the reign of a specific king, who held the throne from 3734 B.G.A. until 3685 B.G.A., meaning the wars began at some point within that 49-year timespan.

In the Accepted Histories, Herbet Patric Galactis fixes the exact start of the Mage Wars at 3700 B.G.A., not because any specific historic evidence proves the date, but because none disproves it and because it is a nice, round number easy for children to remember on tests.

The First Chaotic Period

(3700~-2500~ B.G.A.)

Year B.G.A. 3700 (Approx.) of the Age of Mages: the very first known Mage Tower is constructed, and Chain Attack magic perfected. The War is changed forever.

Year B.G.A. 3570-3640 of the Age of Mages: as the power of Magic continues to grow, loose organizations of lesser-path magicians form, called ‘Wizard Breakers’, to take down those who use Magic to enslave others. By the mid 3600s, the dozens of rogue groups have formed a cohesive network, with limited resources but high skill.

Year B.G.A. 3528 of the Age of Mages: a new kind of power emerges, the power to re-animate dead tissue. The creator of this power, Rubiceye, gives it a name: Necromancy.

Necromancy is based on reanimation technology developed by the Ancients to prolong life, incorporated into a second program designed to artificially give humans magical abilities. Rubiceye, who understood much more about magic than the Ancients did, was able to make their gene therapy work. Thus, the power of Necromancy is genetic, not learned.

Year B.G.A. 3475 of the Age of Mages: The Drack people develop a sophisticated network of canals, lakes, and other waterways all over the Clearwater Plain, boarding Clearwater Sound on the Greater Continent.

Year B.G.A. 3310 of the Age of Mages: Suspected year of birth of Kozek.

Year B.G.A. 3333 of the Age of Mages: Weagal launches a major offensive to capture the goblin city of of Kuu-Allaa.

Year B.G.A. 3457 of the Age of Mages: the clandestine Order of Wizard-Breakers has evolved from a mere collaboration of lesser-path mages and warriors into a pseudo-religious cult of dark wizards and battling sorcerers. Their skills are available for a price, but their allegiance is not.

Year B.G.A. 3455 of the Age of Mages: the first Drack nuclear reactor goes critical.

Year B.G.A. 3216 of the Age of Mages: the Narano people establish city states along the Nara River.

Year B.G.A. 3056 of the Age of Mages: what semblance of order pre-dates the Age of Mages comes to an end. Chaos becomes the new way of things as wizards vie for dominance of the Multi-Verse. This represents the officially-recognized start of the Mage Wars as a conflict, and the point of no return as nations dive headlong into battle.

Year B.G.A. 3021 of the Age of Mages: the Necromancers, who have existed as a cohesive nation over five hundred years, begin to split.

Year B.G.A. 3005 of the Age of Mages: the schism is now complete, and the Necromancers are divided between the Grey Temple and the Green Temple.

Year B.G.A. 2900 of the Age of Mages: supposedly the Rinoin civilization began around this time, though historical evidence is vague.

Year B.G.A. 2900 of the Age of Mages: Destruction of Goblin capitol city Kuu-Allaa.

Year B.G.A. 2617 of the Age of Mages: Viatark composes the Dialogues of Viatark, one of the oldest known works of classic literature that can be conclusively dated.

Year B.G.A. 2525 of the Age of Mages: the Balictu people begin to explore space in advanced Magic-Tech spacecraft.

The Intermediate Period

(2500~-2400~ B.G.A.), this era is called the Intermediate Period for the clear shift from many small powers to a few very large.

Year B.G.A. 2507: the first Emperor of the Marcon Alliance crowns himself atop a Mage Tower clad in Orichalcum, becoming then the most powerful mage in the verse.

Year B.G.A. 2512-2593 of the Age of Mages: the first stable multi-world governments begin to form. Throughout the Wars, the goal has always been to control more than one world, thus making the conquest of any single world child’s play; but this marks the first time in history during which it is known to happen. This time is called the Intermediate Period.

The Dynastic Period

(2400~-301 B.G.A.)

Year B.G.A. 2400 of the Age of Mages: Several wizard-kings of the future Marcon Alliance band together to conquer the Greater Continent. They are stopped briefly by the Drack, who are then annhilated.

Year B.G.A. 2377: the Mehi Codex is originally assembled.

Year B.G.A. 2321: Probably founding of first M'KHaren empire.

Year B.G.A. 2200 of the Age of Mages: fall of the Sable civilization, last confirmed descendants of the Goat clan who probably invented agriculture.

Year B.G.A. 2200 of the Age of Mages: supposed end of the Rinoin civilization, most likely at the hands of an early iteration of the Marcon Alliance.

Year B.G.A. 1506 of the Age of Mages: The Marcon Alliance solidifies as a coalition of fifty-one Arch Magi, controlling massive armies and resources, and become the dominant power in the Multi-Verse. Magi of the Marcon were known for reducing the women under their empire to slaves. Subjects were organized into a rigid caste-system, with few rights to the lower castes, and no motion between any. The only exceptions were males who demonstrated magical affinity, all of whom were taken from their families and trained to work in the Mage Towers, increasing the Marcons' power.

Year B.G.A. 1315: the dragon sorceress Lelerough forges a small yet mighty empire, called simply The Dragonlands.

Year B.G.A. 901: The Dragonlands are unable to defend themselves, and fall to the Marcon Alliance. Lelerough cuts a massive swath of destruction through the Marcons and is eventually killed. Her defiance would set the stage for the Marconians' final defeat 600 years later.

Year B.G.A. 901: Draco destroys Pem Farheuill in a similar act of rage against the Marcons. This is why Pem Farheuill is never mentioned, going forward.

Year B.G.A. 538 of the Age of Mages: the M’KHaren cruise ship Frunala Maru is lost with all hands aboard.

Year B.G.A. 500: Forms the Order of the Cardinal Star, a non-denominational alliance of Paladins. They would later become the First File and fight alongside Eieber to end the Mage Wars.

Year B.G.A. 307 of the Age of Mages: Emersynn Searlin leads 7 armies against Raw-Form Caster Enver Hoxha.

The Second Chaotic Period

(301-0 B.G.A.)

Year B.G.A. 301 of the Age of Mages: Emerging out of nowhere, an army of battling sorcerers wreak havoc on the Marcon Alliance, then the most powerful single force in the Multi-Verse. Within a year, the Marcon Alliance is broken. The power-vacuum created by this brings about the downfall of every major tower-alliance in the Known Worlds, permitting the end of the Age of Mages. This army of battling sorcerers later became the Gudersnipe Foundation.

Year B.G.A. 140 of the Age of Mages: probably birth-year of Finley Ray.

Year B.G.A. 102 of the Age of Mages: Dr. Rupert Python is "born".

Year B.G.A. 74 of the Age of Mages: a group of wizards complete the magical sword they name 'Echbalder', attempting to retrieve the original Echbaldham

Year B.G.A. 63 of the Age of Mages: the Gudersnipe Army crushes the Order of Wizard-Breakers. The Order have grown powerful by this time, with roots running deep; but Laytami’s forces are stronger.

Year B.G.A. 17 of the Age of Mages: Emersynn Searlin dies.

Year B.G.A. 6 of the Age of Mages: Echbalder is entrusted to Eieber and the Order of the Slayer Dragons is founded. Draco presents the first ten Slayer Dragons with the special power that allows them to end the Mage Wars once and for all.

Year B.G.A. 2 of the Age of Mages: The armies of Eieber and the Slayer Dragons prepare battle with those of Laytami Gudersnipe Savont. Instead of fighting, however, a truce is struck, on what would become known as the Day of Dawn’s Reflection.

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The Mage Wars are followed by the Golden Age.

Stories that take place during the Mage Wars

Year B.G.A. 3701 of the Age of Mages: The First Candle.

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