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'''Note:''' Rangers are being renamed Archers
'''Note:''' Rangers are being renamed Archers, and giving them an extra Shoot on the Run per rank.
Base class table:
Base class table:

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The classes are:

Class Ranks

Ranks are achieved by gaining 8 levels in a specific class. All characters start at Rank 0, and upon reaching level 8 would achieve Rank 1. This grants access to special Facets as well as other perks.

Note that if a facet is granted by rank but was already taken as a free facet, these STACK. In the case of active abilities, this grants a separate instance of the ability with it's own cool-down.

Stats and Skills

Skill Increases

Every character gets a number of proficiencies and all seven MRPG Stats. The stats are used in varying ways. At various levels, the character will receive either a stat increase, a skill increase, or both. In addition, proficiencies scale by class-level.

Example: a warrior takes Weapon Proficiency: Bladed. If he puts both skill increases into it, at lvl 8 his Weapon Proficiency: Bladed would be equal to 10.

How many increases a character gets depends on class.


This has gone through several iterations and the game currently lacks a working class. I am still working on it, details can be found on the MRPG New System Theorycraft page.

Using the warrior as a template, the character receives a total of 9 stat boosts and 13 skill boosts. However, much of that comes with the final level, meaning the trade-off to take 1 level of something else is noticeable.

  • 6 stat increases while leveling, 3 more for cap
  • 7 skill increases while leveling, 6 more for cap
  • 3 active ability facets, 3 more granted from Ranks
  • 7 freely chosen facets

7 actually seems like a logical cap since that's what it takes to dual-wield ANY weapon(which is the most ridiculous thing I could think of to put into the game).

So going to re-use this template.

Note: Rangers are being renamed Archers, and giving them an extra Shoot on the Run per rank.

Base class table:

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11 Combat, 1 Armor, and 1 free facet
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3 _
4 _
5 _
6 _
7 _
8Warrior Rank I
9 _
10 _
11 _
12 _
13 _
14 _
15 _
16Warrior Rank II
17 _
18 _
19 _
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21 _
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24Warrior Rank III