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Magic-Tech, short for Magical Technology, refers to magic, typically in the form of enchantments, used to enhance technology. This can be as simple as a grinding stone that never wears down, on up to complex high-technology. The M'KHarens, for example, use magic-tech reactors to power their spacecraft.


The simplest and most common form of magic-tech are enchanted weapons and armor. Spellforms are cast into the material or runes carved on the surface to give it some special property like increased strength or sharpness.

This technique requires that the items be made of high-quality materials, such as extremely fine steel mixed with some silver. Pure silver, adamantium, orichalcum, or mithrill are the best, but often rare.

The rarity and difficulty of refining these materials in large quantites makes it difficult to enchant anything larger than a suit of armor.

Spellform Structures

Buildings can be made into magic-tech if the structure is laid out as a spellform. The form may turn the building into a permentant ritual site or provide defences or some other requirement. Necromancy Temples are always laid as spellforms.

Magic-Tech Machines

Combining magic with machines is very complicated, as science and magic typically do not play well together. Small runes, crafted of magical materials, may be added to strategic points around the machine to preform some function. Heat runes on a boiler are a good example, making a steam engine that consumes magic as a fuel.

Skilled rune-crafters can even use enchanted tools to carve runes directly into a material. This does not work well on non-magical materials like low-grade steel, but can preform a number of tasks.

Perhaps most famous among magic-tech devices are "magic motors" which use enchanted pieces to product mechanical motion. Typically this requires either magical materials or powerful enchantments.

Some complex magic-tech devices border on capabilities not reproduced until the computer age, including full-blown magic-tech mechs.