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Naomi Jusenkyou is the second child of Hunter Jusenkyou and Lina Rowen Jusenkyou. She was was actually born 31 years after her older sister, Emily, and 11 years after her nephew, Joshua. Naomi survived the events at the end of the The Concourse to Victory, and found a Mantle of Immortality Hunter had kept hidden for decades. With it, she survived the Long Night and went on to help win the battle of the New Day.

Naomi does not feature heavily in the Course Books but is a main character in the Consecution Books.

Early Life

Lina had long been using magic to preserve her youth and vitality, so her having a child so late in life was not difficult (she would have been 58 at the time). From infancy, Naomi displayed a natural gift for magic, such that she required intense supervision (and usually needed to be within a few feet of a fire extinguisher).

The other adult members of the household aided in caring for Naomi, and all helped to foster her gift. By the age of four she had also displayed remarkable intelligence, another factor that would lead to her becoming a powerful mage. She never attended formal education, but was instead tutored by various members of the Eighth Power and other people from the Victory Research Facility. At the age of seven, she began piloting mecha under supervision, which became her true passion.

Unfortunately, around this time, the second Army of Darkness appeared, and Naomi's parents were often away fighting them for the next several years. By the age of ten she was often left completely alone, or with only Joshua to care for her. As this was in stark contrast to the large amount of attention she was used to recieving, she quickly became quite jaded.

Tournament World

At the age of 13, Naomi ran away from home, using her extensive knowledge of the GATE network to make her way to Tournament World. Once there, she quickly secured a job as a pilot on one of the many mecha teams. During her entire tenure on Tournament World she is not known to have used magic. She was married at fifteen to a much older man. The relationship was not a healthy one, with abuse on either side.

By 17, Naomi had separated from her husband and was working as a repairer for another team in order to be rid of him. She re-married (because Tournament World had no formal mechanism for divorce, she would be recognized as a bigamist elsewhere in the Alliance), and quickly rose to prominence as a pilot with her new team.

While she was obviously skilled, Naomi never became a "Top Pilot" on Tournament World. She was notorious for inter-personal problems and drama within her teams, which kept her from being recruited by the top-ranked groups. During this time, she had some contact with her father, who made frequent trips to Tournament World with a team drawn from the VRF. With the second Army of Darkness gone, he made numerous attempts to convince her to return home. However, despite the highs and lows, Naomi refused to leave.

Naomi was 19 when Samuel Fate attacked and the Long Night began. She remained on Tournament World for some time. The mech battles continued for a few years, but as the Alliance went in to disarray, the main industry went into sharp decline. During this time Naomi is known to have married for a third time.

Joining the Resistance

At the age of 27, Naomi finally left Tournament World. She killed her third husband (possibly in self-defense, though accounts indicate it was more of a rage-killing); but, as law and order had largely broken down, she was never prosecuted for the crime. She returned home to the Dragon's Lair only to find it abandoned to the elements. She met Joshua there, briefly, but he had made arrangements of his own and opted to sever all ties with her.

Alone, Naomi left for Arindell, where she found the Mantle of Immortality Hunter been keeping. Thinking it was a simple cloak of invisibility she had played with as a child, she put it on. Infused with power, Naomi began to use magic again, and joined her sister in fighting Samuel Fate.

The Citadel

After her sister's death, Naomi led the resistance for some time, but was eventually expelled from it. At this time, she founded The Citadel, and began to gather forces for an eventual counter-attack. She was more than strong enough to repel Fate, who never built a strong power-base on the Greater Continent (Arindell was razed and Sun's Beacon went into sharp decline without the backing of an industrial world).

Naomi's Citadel, situated on the Lowland Plains, was prosperous, but never grew into the empire Naomi had planned. By the end of the Long Night, she had few forces to commit to the Battle of the New Day. However, she still had herself, and she was more than powerful enough to assist in the final destruction of Samuel Fate.

After the battle, Naomi spent many years traveling with her family, before returning to her Citadel.

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