Sheila Galet

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Sheila Galet was Pendragon of Slayer Dragons from Alliance Year 4500 to 4537. Her successor was Andrei Ransom.

Early Life

Slayer Dragon

Sheila served the Alliance from A.Y. 4487 to 4537, or approximately 50 years, and spent much of that time on quests to stop wars; rescue captives; liberate slaves; prevent exhaustion of resources; and destroy tyrants. It was a measure of her success in these endeavors, that statues were erected of her in schoolyards and town squares; that teachers pointed her out to children as a rôle-model; and that criminals, dishonest businessmen, and polluters of all sorts, purposely went out of business for decades on end, just to hide from her, while poets, novelists, historians, and entrepreneurs capitalized on her fame.


35 years as Pendragon made Sheila Galet something of a veteran. Not to play favorites in her new and higher status, she rotated partners on every few missions, and seldom went on any mission with the same partner, twice running (except in teams of greater than two). This, she claimed, made them all reliable, and made each capable of working well alongside whomever she assigned it. This made for versatility; indeed, it kept the Slayer Dragons in excellent shape throughout her leadership.


Sheila Galet died unexpectedly, in battle, and passed her power to Andrei Ransom: by no means the first choice, though no-one afterward challenged him. He had simply been her partner that day, and inherited a corps accustomed to discipline and honor. She herself was committed to the Ash pits, and her ashes interred in the Valley of Sleeping Dragons.