Shock Light

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Shock Light is the name of two festivals, one held in Rowen and the other in the rebuilt city of Arindell.

Rowen Shock Light

Shock Light is a Rowen festival that takes place at the near year. The Rowens use a lunar calendar, so this date has shifted significantly throughout history. Like all Rowen festivals, archery is a major component.

The most important competition of Shock Light is called the "Mad Minute" in which archers are given a one minute timer to put as many arrows as they can into a large melon spaced nine hundred feet from the shooter. At the larger festivals, a competitor will usually need at least 30 arrows to be in contention.

Arindell Shock Light

Arindell's version of the Shock Light festival began when Rowen woodsmen were brought to construct temporary housing for workers rebuilding the city. The other workers living there, eager for some entertainment, joined in the festivities. When the Rowens eventually left(after around five years) the festival continued, but instead of following the lunar new year was celebrated around the end of fall. The archery component of the festival was later dropped, and it finally settled on being a parade.

The central part of the parade is the display of Echbaldam, brought down from the High Place once a year.