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Fine I wont keep roling the page back and fine but she still gets to kick some ass! ;P

I think what happened is the First Age history has gotten a lot more developed since last we spoke( i now have like 10 Pendragons!). The Ten were kind of a big deal, and were all highly revered throughout their entire lives, it wouldn't work to have one of them mysteriously disapear.

Ok, how about this for a compromise? She was one of The Ten before they were The Ten, basically one of Uther's seconds. She left, he replaced her with someone else, and then they became The Ten. Sound good?

Okdokie! :D

Allrighty, as I work more on the Long March I'll be sure to include her.

YAY!!! thaaank you!

I'm thinking she'll even bring the surving loup garoux along the the ride, of course they will conviently get left out of history :)

Psh, oh thanks, so loved ;P

Well thats the fun thing about the course books history as its presented: things are left out, things are revised, in all its a very realistic presentation of a history. Normal story-worlds with this much history treat it all as absolutes, as though there was a scribe at every event dutifully recording the entire thing. The Course Books act like history just sort of happened, and later on people tried to piece it together(which is more like real history). So things get mentioned in the actual books and stories that aren't know to history, such as the loup garoux being involved in the long march(there were only like 6 of them at the time, just so ya know).

Only six? Yeesh that sucks but that would explain a little of why they dont have massive numbers across the multivers. being a werewolf is a domanent genetic trait, only on a few vary rare occations are a loup Garoux's kid not a werewolf, like Cileans kid thats related to Hunter.

When the first generation were created, the intent was that they would die in battle. There were only like 30 of them and 24 were killed, when Cilean made them she never expected any of them to survive, hence why there are so many problems with the loup garoux and why they have to do all these things in order to stay alive.

Be nice! They're a vary delicate species thats all, Cileans only human she couldnt have thought far ahead enough to get all the kinks out ;P

But thats kind of a very important plot-point, though. The whole thing was done very hastily on the eve of battle, the assumption being that the warriors were not going to survive until morning. That's why the loup garoux need to hunt and have some other problems, they were initially a very temporary solution. Untold thousands of years later when the villians of the Consection Books start making people with the same magic, they don't know about the balance issues, and thats part of how Jason eventually wins!

Lily would take temporary solution as an insult, lol that could make a fun conversation, especailly when she gets all upset when she's not consitered human.

It was suppsoed to be this big huge brave "we're sacrificing ourselves to help you win!" sort of thing, its just they ended up being so good that some of them didn't die.

Thats how they roll ;D