The Dragon Sagas

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The Creation of the Dragons

The Broodmother was not there in the beginning. When she came, she was without direction or shape. No form to call her own.

So the One King came to her and anointed her head. And gave to her the form of the dragon. He told her that she was to become an emissary to all beings.

There were no other dragons then. But no being should be alone So the One King visited the Broodmother once more.

He gave to her twelve eggs. And told her that once placed, they should not be moved. The Broodmother cared for the eggs as a mother should.

She tended them and kept them warm for one thousand nights And on that thousandth night, eleven eggs hatched. All eleven began after the form of the Broodmother.

The Broodmother raised her young as dragons. And taught them her ways. She gave them flight, fire, and the ability to shift forms.

The sons of the Broodmother numbered eleven. When they came of age, she saw that they had no mates. But no being should be alone.

So The Broodmother went to a volcano and drew out six measures of fire And from this fire created the shapes of six red dragons. And made after her own form.

So The Broodmother flew up to a great stone mountain. And with a mighty roar, shook loose four measures of black stone. And made this into a form that pleased her eye.

So The Broodmother flew high into the sky and spread her wings wide apart. And drew out two measures of blue wind, folded close to her body. These she could not control, their shape was beyond her power to mold.

The Broodmother spoke unto the One King and asked him to help. He made the shape of wind flow into the form of two blue dragons. And the Broodmother returned to her cave to present her sons with their mates.

Each son then took his mate and was fruitful. Their sons and daughters took mates from among the sons and daughters of his brothers. Each son then took his mate, and half his lineage and half the lineage of his brothers.

And so were born the eleven primordial dragon flights.

The Flying of the Sages

Many ages passed, and dragons served their calling. They brought peace and life wherever they landed, and united many nations. In the struggle against the un-life, they were powerful.

And so it came to pass that eight dragons rose to prominence. So great had become their wisdom that they had transcended the bonds of any flight, And became bloodkin to all dragon-kind.

The One King sought to reward this wisdom, and promised to bestow upon each. A mantle of immortality, so they could share what they knew now and forever. He brought each to the light, and bestowed upon them the name of Sage.

But one among their number was so humble. He could not rise before the One King to receive his gift. And so the Draco-Sages numbered only seven.

The Sages went to sleep, each finding a comfortable cave to himself. They would fly again, when called to wing by the One King. But they would sleep, and walk amongs dreamers.

Until then, any dragon was free to seek their wisdom in dreams.

The Dragon Cycles

The Broodmother taught her children that because they were kin, they could not fight. This, she said, was of greatest importance: that brother should not fight brother. Nor any of his lineage thereafter.

But as strange aeons passed, The Broodmother’s words were forgotten. The Grey War raged on, and the dragons had begun taking sides. For a dragon was to be an ally of all life, and life fought on both sides.

So it came to pass that the flights were broken. A Schism was wrought And a war fought between dragons.

These are the dragon cycles, and they number three: A schism, a war, and the breaking. The Cycles of Dragons.

The war started, and the cycles began The schism split the dragons into flights. And the flights were broken.

And then the One King rode upon the back of The Broodmother and gave law. When two flights began to fight, they must remain at war until one is destroyed. Whenever a dragon takes a mate from another flight, they are under a truce forever.

This is all that is remembered of the Dragon Cycles.