The Ten

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The Ten were the original Slayer Dragons, upon whom the original power was bestowed by Draco, the Great Dragon. The Ten began as Eieber's lieutenants, gathered during his long march. The Slayer Dragon Power was given to them in 3 B.G.A., at the time they were the leaders of Eieber's army.

Members of the Ten

And 6 other guys.

No, Cilean was not one of The Ten. She was involved and helped Kimi out though. Yes, YOU'RE the one that said she could be one of Eieber's Slayer Dragons!

When did I say that?

While we where finding fun spots to put her lack of aging to good use, you also said Eieber had a thing for her; a lot of guys did actually, but that doesn't surprise me, she was a beautiful sexy werewolf queen, she's just kind of a boss :).

Seriously, stop rolling the page back! And she can be involved in Eieber's army but she can't be one of The Ten; there are certain problems with that.