Trans-Draconic Federation Navy

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The Trans-Draconic Federation Navy is the umbrella force for the Alliance Regulars. While nominally under the command of the New Day Alliance, the forces are largely loyal to the dragons.


The TDFN was formed at the start of the New Day in the power-vacuum left by the destruction of Samuel Fate. Up until the year N.D. 502, direct operational control of the military lay in the hands of the dragons. However, after the battle of somethingsomething, the dragons ceded command to the Alliance. The navy retained a strong draconic influence.


The TDFN primarily makes use of license-built copies of Crimson Blade military hardware. While this has many advantages(common parts, strong design, and simplified logistics), the ultimate reason is simply cost. Licensing the designs is much cheaper than having a domestic research and development program. So while the Federation is 99% self-reliant when it comes to producing ammunition and replacement parts, they lack the ability to create new weapons.

The TDFN operates a rifle called the Pseudo-Lance, based on the Lance design, it uses entirely Alliance-built components. It is far elss capable or robust, but is still a very serviceable weapon.


The two main combat vehicles are the Doer-Daisy twine-engine fighter and the MEAN-1024 main-battle tank. Since both are in common service with the Crimson Blade, it allows the two forces to share supply lines.

White Dragon Squadron

The White Dragon Squadron is the TDFN's flight demonstration squadron. They fly the standard Doer-Daisy fighters, but kitted in special livery and unarmed. They are part of the navy's public outreach program, tasked with showcasing the skill and professionalism of TDFN pilots. Admittance into the squadron is low, with only around one hundred pilots at any given time. Tradition holds that there are exactly 99 of them, but with alternates and substitutions the actual number varies between 100 to 110.

The White Dragons fly demonstrations all over the known worlds, most often at air shows, and participate in community outreach programs.