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The original plan called for a "classless" system, but I am not liking that. Instead I propose a deep multi-classing system with support for powerful pure classes. Each class will have perks and facets recieved for taking X number of levels, as well as enhancement trees offering additional customization. Universal facets and enhancements will also exist to provide additional customization.

Initial Ideas

The "enhancement trees" will be called "Areas of Expertise" which determine what things your character specifically has focused on.

Basic Classes

Will start with three basic classes: warrior, thief, mage. Each has their own innate strengths and weaknesses, and can be focused into specific areas. Note that just because something isn't a "key strength" it does not mean the class is locked out of that ability; it just indicates they are not inherently stronger in that way.

  • Warrior
    • Key Strengths: melee combat, defensibility, threat management.
    • Key Weaknesses: no innate magical ability, poor self-healing, poor ranged ability
      • Areas of Expertise:
  • The Conquering Hero(combat)
  • The Mighty Glacier(defense)
  • The Great Commander(CC/threat management)
  • Thief
    • Key Strengths: ranged combat, avoiding injury, going unnoticed(low threat)
    • Key Weaknesses: poor direct defensive abilities, poor self-healing, no innate magical ability
      • Areas of Expertise:
  • The Inquisitive Sniper(combat)
  • The Artful Dodger(defense)
  • The Sneaky Infiltrator(hide/cover)
  • Mage
    • Key Strengths: magic, high direct-damage with spells, healing powers.
    • Key Weaknesses: virtually no defensive capabilities save for magic
      • Areas of Expertise:
  • Damage Spells (The Master of Divine Weapons)
  • Defensive Spells/buffs
  • Healing Spells

See: magic for an overview of the magic system.