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A Higher is a very powerful immortal in the world of Flight. At launch the game will have two main Highers, while others will be added later. Highers have three major scores that can be influenced by players: Wealth, Prestige, and Complacency. Each one impacts how they run their games as well as what other services are provided in their cities and towns.


  • Wealth - main factor in deciding the level of prizes given away for completion of the Games. The wealthier the Higher, the better the prizes.
  • Prestige - this score reflects how the Higher feels about himself, and can be impacted by providing tributes and completing games on higher difficulty settings. A Higher who has a low Prestige level may try to influence the public by lowering taxes, opening additional games, and of course providing better prizes. Of course, a Higher with low Prestige AND low Wealth will not be able to provide as good of prizes.
  • Complacency - this is the tricky score. A Higher with low Complacency will be governed primarily by the other two scores. However, if both scores remain high, Complacency will build, and the other scores will loose relevence. Essentially, a Higher with high scores in all three areas will give out poor prizes and charge considerably more for services and taxes, because he feels 'complacent' in his ways. Highers with high complacency will also be less interested in running games. Complacency is much harder to influence, but can be controlled by making sure the other two scores do not remain high. Essentially, if a single Higher becomes the most popular, he will quickly become very complacent.

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