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Flight will launch with 4 races:

  • Humans
  • Dwarves
  • Robots
  • Hill Folk



Pretty generic, but obviously the favored race.


Live underground


Cheap copy of Warforged from DDO

Hill Folk

Weird deformed mutant people who are ugly and generally hated.

Game Impact

Race has no impact on build, all races are treated the same as far as stats/perks are concerned(almost entirely cosmetic). Players are free to group together again with no impact.

However, how the races are treated by the NPCs and Highers varies. The two Hires in power are a Human and a robot respectively, and are generally loyal to their own race. Things need to be balanced such that playing one of those races does not net a clear advantage, however it should be obvious that the highers look out for their own.

This is also subject to change: the players can, through various means, effect which races are respected/welcomed in what areas, what perks they receive, etc. Players may choose to create an egalitarian society where all races are treated equally, or strive towards segregation. This should be an interesting test of human nature.

New Idea

We create 3 distinct races each of which has several sub-races. The sub-races are entirely cosmetic and impact the social aspects of the game(NPC interactions, etc). The actual races differ in how they heal. This makes playing a healer a bit more interesting as you have to be ready for dealing with multiple races. May also impact other areas.

The ideas are:

  • Flesh - basic mortal, basic healing
  • Robot - some kind of magic robot that needs repair
  • Etherial - basically made of magic, heals in a different way

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