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The Absolute Count is a system invented in the early Fourth Age by Herbet Patric Galactis as a means of facilitating conversions between the Alliance Calendar and The Lion Calendar. The Absolute Count uses B.G.A. 3800 as a year zero, and counts forward from there. It is somewhat confusing, but helpful to historians. For example, Alliance Year 0 is A.C. 3800. Dates within the A.C. Calendar are difficult to calulate.

Notable Dates

Absolute YearOther DateSignifigance
03800 B.G.A.Accepted start of history
3800A.Y. 10Alliance Year 0
3840A.Y. 140Solar and Lunar calendars align
4798A.Y. 1998End of the Golden Age
4799A.Y. 21First year of the Second Age
5799A.Y. 31First year of the Third Age
6799A.Y. 41First year of the Fourth Age
6874A.Y. 475Absolute Count created
7798A.Y. 51First year of the Fifth Age
8798A.Y. 61First year of the Sixth Age
6709A.Y. 6910End of the Sixth Age
6710A.Y. 6911First year of the Age of the Dragon
6760A.Y. 6961End of the Age of the Dragon/Start of the Long Night
9875N.D. 0End of the Long Night/Start of the New Day
10375N.D. 500500th year of the New Day