Advanced Dynamics Mass Driver

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The Advanced Dynamics Mass Driver or ADMD was a revolutionary starship design developed in A.Y. 3851 by Advanced Dynamics. It was initially envisioned as a colonial supply ship. Advanced Dynamic's three prototypes were constructed at the Athenaeus Yard, which was nearly bankrupted by construction over-runs and had to be bailed out by the Alliance government.


The ADMD uses an external pulsed propulsion drive for its main engine: essentially a drastically scaled-up version of those found on the Boing-Boing missile. Combined with a rigid body and a robust FTL drive, the original ADMD was a marvel of its time.


Instead of a conventional Ion vacuum drive, the external pulsed propulsion system uses antimater-catalyzed nuclear explosions to create a highly energetic shockwave which then strikes a pusher plate, which in turn pushes against a shock absorber and moves the ship forward. This system produces tremendous delta-V and is capable of reaching speeds approaching 80PSL. In the late Third Age when the first ADMDs were built, this was an unheard-of speed, as the fastest ships in that size could achieve was a paltry 20PSL.