Agras Plain

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The Agras Plain is a large plains region south of the Stormreaver Range. It is home to Lake Bara and the Thenius River, and is one of the main flat-world population centers of the Alliance.




During the Mage Wars, the Agras saw some of the fiercest fighting anywhere in the verse, and it is on the Agras that Tower Magic was first used.

As renowned historian Herbet Patric Galactis put it: "We haven't the foggiest idea where High Tower was, but it was probably somewhere on the Agras".

The Old Lines

The Old Lines are a series of features on the Agras Plain. Their origin and function was hotly debated for a long time, until historian Herbet Patric Galactis settled the debate in the Fourth Age.

The lines themselves are massive geoglyphs forming the shapes of wizards, warriors, animals, mystical beasts, weapons, and sometimes simple geometric shapes. They run the gamut from simple patterns of stones to extensive trenches carved into the soil and filled with colored sand. Sometimes the debris filling the trenches is even enchanted to glow at night.

The exact style and type varies heavily. The only commonality is the size of the glyphs: they are all massive. Some are miles long; most are at least several hundred feet.

Origin and Purpose

The glyphs date back to the Mage Wars