Lake Bara

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Lake Bara, or "The Three Baras" as it is sometimes called, is a series of three large, interconnected lakes that dominate the Agras Plain on the south-side of the Stormreaver Mountains. The Three Baras are fed by the Thenius River, with the part above the lake identified as the Upper Thenius, and the section below called simply the Thenius.

The lakes are fresh water and support a large population. Trade on the lakes as well as irrigation of the land around them has been popular since old times.

The region around Lake Bara was hotly contested during the Mage Wars, and saw some of the fiercest fighting. The place where the first lake meets the second is another proposed location for High Tower.

An island on the first lake is also the known-location of Water's Grasp, which some historians argue is the historical High Tower.