Amy Sardano

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[quote="penVSpaper"]Built like a brick shit house. This girl had the figure of a woman, she's full on woman. Beautiful hips beautiful boobs small waist, she's got a fit figure and it just kinda perfect body wise. That's why he's not into girls built like her anymore, it would remind him too much of her.

She's not tall but she's not super short she's like average height I guess. She has long curly blond hair that isn't like gold it's more of like the sold blond like morning sunlight :)

Her eyes are Gray and that's important! Hers are soft gray like the sky after it rains. And Retcons are dark gray, describe it like looking into a storm. That's their main connection and they both have curly hair but Retcons is dark like jasons and she has his tan skin and facial features.

Is that helpful? She's graceful as fuck by the way, Amy is the definition of "she is beauty she is grace she will punch you in the face" she don't take no shit![/quote]