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The Ansari are a small, minor power who control three solar systems within a region of Joint Space. Their home world is called Anazaria. Officially members of the Alliance, they are an expansionistic people with imperial aspirations, and have butted heads with the Gudersnipe Foundation on numerous occassions, most notably over a handful of neighboring star systems to which the Foundation lays claim.


Anzaria had formally joined the Alliance during the Golden Age. Since then, numerous regimes had fallen and been replaced. The political climate was tumultuous, at best, but each new regime insisted on honoring the treaty with the Alliance and the "benefits" of membership - specifically the Alliance's non-interference laws, which the Foundation was required to honor.

Under these auspices, the Ansari people conquered all the planets in their own solar system, and took control of two others that had formerly been neutral. Continued Alliance membership required that they not attack any Alliance member worlds, so the Ansari turned their sights on the nearby Blalaque System.

Being the only neighboring system not belonging to an Alliance member world, Blalaque was the Ansari's last opportunity for expansion before breaking their treaty. A small hurdle, of course, being that the system belonged to the Gudersnipe Foundation. Blalaque was also the gateway to nine other star systems the Ansari could make theirs, if they could take and hold Blalaque.

Battle of Blalaque

Even with most of their resources focused on the military, the Ansari did not have the resources for a full-blown invasion of a populated system. They had few capitol ships at their disposal, and could not replace them easily. The military leadership believed that they could "chase" the Foundation out of Blalaque by destroying its millitary installations in the system, then threatening an attack on the populated worlds. Based on records from the Kamian Succession Wars, he felt the Foundation would pull its civilian population out and let the world fall, rather than risk casualties.

The leadership was quite wrong.

Long before the first attack even began, the Foundation's intelligence branch got wind of it, and openly warned Anzaria's leaders that any Ansari attack would be be met with with the full force of the Crimson Blade. Foundation forces in the area were placed on high alert, and valuablle targets identified and strengthened.

The Ansari chose to attack anyway, and a series of well-coordinated strikes succeeded i destroying several supply depots and crippling a few fast-attack ships. The Foundation responded by announcing that it would destroy the orbiting shipyards around the fifth planet in the Anazaria System. They provided the exact date and time of the attack and warned that the Ansari could avoid any casualties by evacuating the stations. A considerable time was given to complete the evacuation.

The Ansari defended their facility anyway, and were slaughtered in considerable numbers by a large attack force backed by heavy fire support from battery ships. The Foundation had both superior technology and superior forces, the battle was decided before it had even begun. Dubbed "Operation Hatchet", the attack involved both members of the Crimson Blade regulars and students from Gudersnipe School.


With their shipyards destroyed the Ansari military was effectively crippled, and two regime changes happened in rapid succession. Ultimately, they petitioned the Foundation for peace; but attempted a series of revenges, which all failed.