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An Autonomous Region is a region consisting of one or more country or city-state that is considered part of the Alliance but has no official representation within said Alliance. Autonomous regions can be found throughout both the Alliance and Joint Space.

Most autonomous regions are typically isolated worlds with a low level of technological advancment. These worlds often reject technology by choice, prefering to make the journey on their own. Others reject advancment because of fear technology would destroy their way of life. The Alliance is typically happy to leave these societies be, and keep out others who might try to tamper with them.

Law Within Regions

Autonomous Regions are exempt from most Alliance law, allowed instead to maintain their own government and rule of law internally. This only applies on sovereign soil, however, as all space travel within the Alliance and joint space falls under the jurisdiction of the space commission.

Further, trade to and from autonomous regions is heavily restricted, to prevent more developed nations from taking advantage of less developed ones. In some cases, trade can be opened; but it comes with a greater Alliance presence, which in turn causes the nation to give up its autonomy.

Types of Autonomous Regions

Most nations within autonomous regions are not capable of inter-stellar travel and are therefore isolated from the rest of the verse. These regions rely on the protection of the millitary Alliance to repel technologically-advanced conquerers.

Notable Mishaps in Autonomous Regions

It had been argued that the Alliance should have an increased presence in Autonomous Regions. This is spurred by various gross human-rights violations in some areas. Though widely regarded as isolated incidents, it is difficult to deny that increased Alliance presense could have prevented these events.

Genocide in the Ramn Confederation

In between A.Y. 2544 and 2547, the self-proclaimed Emperor Lous Brenom murdered two billion of his own citizens. He was eventually stopped by a Gudersnipe task-force and executed for his crimes. The Ramn Confederation was both an Alliance Autonomous Region and a GS Protectorate.

Altronis Corpocracy

In the Fourth Age, the planet Altronis fell under the rule of a handful of commercial monopolies, and its biosphere and culture nearly collapsed under the pressure, until the planet was liberated by Ransom's Crew. Altronis was not legally an Autonomous Region, but had been treated as such by default since the Ninety-nine-years war. Open intervention was therefore illegal, and all operations had of necessity to be kept secret, until the planet was free and its citizens could request aid.