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The Balictu are known only through secondary sources, having been destroyed by the first emperor of the Marcon Alliance in B.G.A. 2501. As per Marconian tradition, all records of the Balictu were destroyed as they were enslaved and distributed around the growing empire.

What information exists on the Balictu comes from anonymous historians writing around the time the Balictu were destroyed. Many cultures fled the advancing borders of the Marcons, and carried what cultural heritage they could. Some attempted to chronicle what was known about cultures already destroyed, to ensure history would not forget them.

Balictu was believed to be a semi-Utopian society, existing without money. They were magic users, but also may have possessed high technology. Their culture revolved around scientific advancment and artistic expression, often coupling the two wherever possible. As long as food supplies were stable, the entire culture would gather around massive projects.


A starship named Atreus was discovered by Commander Hans Wind in A.Y. 6815 which is believed to be Balictian in origin.