Battle of Danielle

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In A.Y. 6722, the Gudersnipe Sixth Fleet found themselves knocked off a standard retreat path, and pinned down in an isolated part of the galaxy, a cluster of stars known as the Danielle System.

One hundred fifty complete battle groups, over 7,000 warships. They had no where left to retreat to, so they turned to fight.

Seeing a chance to strike a strategic blow, the Kamians poured as many ships and weapons into the fight as they could, and they would need every one of them.

Admiral Commodore Francis was in charge of the Sixth Fleet, with the difficult decision to make the fight. He knew full well there was no victory in this battle, but his men were going to die like Lancers. To that end, he authorized the entire fleet to employ tactics often considered "too dirty" for the battlefield.

In the end, the Kamians lost over 30,000 ships in an effort to crush the Sixth Fleet. Actual numbers remain unconfirmed, but there may have been as many as 50,000 commited to the battle. The Sixth, meanwhile, suffered a total loss of all 7,000, many with all hands aboard.

All through Known Space, spread the tale of those proud Lancers, who faced overwhelming odds, who refused to give up and were slaughtered. Cries of "Remember Danielle!" rallied the Verse.

Nations previously neutral now flocked to the fight, bringing fresh ships and troops. Though the Foundation lost 7,000 ships, they gained easily a hundred-fold that.

It would later be said that the Kamians won the battle at Danielle, but lost the war.