Battle of Korrasign

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Battle of Korrasign, colloquially known as "The 189th actually important battle of Sun's Beacon", was the last major attempt by an outside power to capture an occupy Sun's Beacon during the Mage Wars.


In the last months of B.G.A. 5, Eieber's army arrived in Sun's Beacon, having made arrangements with the city powers to winter there. Plans were in place to re-supply and re-equip, as well as train new recruits. Reports from the era indicate Eieber's forces were badly depleated, having lost most of their men and equipment, and in dire straights.

Word of these reports reached Korrinth, then still a powerful vestige of the old Marcon Alliance. Given its strong position, the Korra felt that a surprise attack on Sun's Beacon in winter would give them the edge they needed. The goal of the assualt was to capture Half-Haul Canal, a large island off the coast, which they could use as a staging area for future attacks.


Using its large navy, Korrinth transported its sizable army to camps north of the Biswon River Delta, on the very edge of the region controlled by Ozork Flight. Their plan was to attack after the first large snowstorm, crossing the frozen rivers on foot. Since the river delta provided the bulk of Sun's Beacon's natural defenses on the northwestern side, this seemed like a