Battle of Lerner Fields

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The Battle of Lerner Fields was a large-scale battle during the Kamian Succession Wars in the Lerner Stellar Nursery (a region colloquially refered to as 'Lerner Fields'). Taking place 103 years after the begining of the war(in A.Y. 6200), the Gudersnipe Foundation employed the long-disused Boing-Boing missile to devastate the Kamian formations, resulting in an early win for the good guys.

The Boing-Boing had been taken out of service in the Second Age under pressure from the Alliance; but following the battle the Alliance stated they would like to see the weapon returned to service. However, the Foundation revealed that the missiles used during the battle were surplus from the original complement and carefully maintained (making them nearly 4,000 years old), and that the Foundation would likely fail to produce more before war's end. Despite the war continuing for another 600 years, Boing-Boings were never used again.