Battle of the Sanguine Gulch

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The Battle of the Sanguine Gulch is widely regarded the last great battle of the Mage Wars, despite having taken place in roughly the second year of the Golden Age. Though other, smaller skirmishes would continue for nearly half a century, Sanguine Gulch is officially recounted as the final battle.


The battle occurred mostly in Triumph Canyon (later renamed Sanguine Gulch) as well as several surrounding areas. The combatants were the last military forces of the Goreskins, along with their final tower, against many Old Alliance troops led by Eieber.

In addition, two dragon flights; Kodiac Flight and High Mountain Flight allied with Eieber for the conflict. The Goreskins had Navi Flight, a fallen flight; but Navi's forces had only old, underfed dragons. High Mountain and Kodiac were both renowned for their prowess in battle, and among the few to utilize dragon armor.


The Goreskins were the last bastion of the Marcon Alliance, and had repeatedly refused to join Eieber's Alliance. They had also stated unequivocally that they would try to conquer their neighbors. Eieber decided, and his generals agreed, that destroying the Goreskins was vital to permanently ending the Mage Wars.


Sanguine Gulch was the last use of Tower Magic and large-scale ground deployments. Tower magic would not be seen again for 10,000 years.