Biswon Watershed

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The Biswon Watershed is an area above the Lowland Plains region which provides the primary source of water for the Biswon River. The watershed is sometimes regarded as part of the interior, though it is more or less accessible overland.


The region is known to have been inhabited during the Mage Wars, though little record survives.

During the Alliance era, the watershed was listed as a remote autonomous region, and was thought to be uninhabited. The nearby Lowland Hills are the sacred ancestral homeland of High Mountain Flight, and are off-limits to humans, so the area remained unexplored.

In the New Day, the Biswon began to be used as a transportation line to connect Rowen with Sun's Beacon, and a small trading outpost was established on the river near the entrance to the watershed area. For the first time in history, this provided easy access to the remote region, and it was opened for tourism and exploration.