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Despite apparent outdatedness, the Gudersnipe Foundation still operates mounted divisions.

Mounted MPs

The Crimson Blade military police operate mounted units in all urban areas, horses being excellent for crowd control and a variety of other functions. Mounted Police also operate in rural and uninhabited areas where they are more adept and safer for patrol over rough terrain than any vehicle.

Combat Cavalry

Found only within the Elites, the Crimson Blade operate two separate mounted divisions.

Light Horse

Soldiers equiped with agile mounts are employed on open battlefields both as anti-personnel and anti-armor units. Soldiers are equipped with a modified semi-automatic pistol with an expanded-capacity clip; usually a 50-caliber with a 17-24 round magazine. This rather comical weapon is often described as "being more concerned with killing the next 17 enemies than with looking cool". The weapon fires the same ammunition as the Lance.

The soldier would also carry a supply of adhesive armor-piercing shaped charges, as well as grenades and other various weapons.

Armored Horse

Derisively called the "heavy" horse (to complement the light horse), heavy cavalry are deployed during urban operations, equipped with lancer armor and carrying lancers.