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Centaurs are a type of pseudo-mundane mystical creature with the torso and arms of a human but the body and legs of a horse, They have no innate magical abilities but are natural in origin.

Customs and Lifestyle

Centaurs live outdoors and prefer temperate climates. They build small artificial shelters and use fire to keep warm. They refuse all forms of clothing and find the act of covering oneself to be offensive. While they keep animals and consume meat, they feel that domestic animals exist as a separate classification from wild ones, and are strongly opposed to hunting for any reason. They will cultivate crops, but use only very simple tools and prefer herd animals over plant-based foods.

They live in groups called Glades which can be anywhere from a handful of individuals to a few hundred. It is uncommon to find more than two or three hundred centaurs in a single Glade, but where larger communities exist they will build multiple glades over a large area. Centaurs are subsistence farmers by nature and prefer the natural world with as little alteration as possible.