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The Condor was a 70PSL+ strategic reconnaissance fighter phased out early in the Fifth Age. It enjoyed a very long service life, with it's earliest iterations being produced sometime in the Third AGe.


It is difficult to trace the origins of the Condor. Unlike other fighters, it was never commissioned as a specific project the way the Harpy and Hawk fighters were. It evovled out of a series of other recon craft, gaining speed with each iteration

The earliest fighter to carry the name Condor was built in A.Y. 3864 as a black project. Using the latest in stealth technology and six Bussard Ramjet engines augmenting it's Ion vacuum drive, the first Condor had the acceleration curve required to be a true 70PSL+ spacecraft, and held the Production Sublight Speed Record for over a thousand years.

However, as more utility spacecraft began to pass the the Condor by, it was gradually phased out, being officially removed from service in A.Y. 514.

The Condor boasts one of the longest continuous production periods in Foundation istory. At the time of their official retirment, 17 Condors from the original production run if 220 were found to still be in fully operational condition, having been carefully maintained for 1150 years