Cordosa Sword

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The Cordosa is the chief religious symbol of the Cardinal Clerics, a religious organization that spans much of the known worlds. Cardinal Paladins carry a special weapon called the Cordosa Sword, which when activated resembles a typical heavy cruciform sword(though they have been known to take many forms and are controlled by the wielder).

Initiates training to become a paladin are often given their Cordosa Sword early, and usually receive a well-worn one from an older paladin as a form of encouragement. However, the sword will only "activate" when the initiate's faith becomes strong enough. Paladins are discouraged from forming a bond with their Cordosa Sword, and are instead encouraged to view them as replaceable, interchangeable tools. It is faith in the One King that makes a Paladin strong, not an item.


Cordosa Swords are mass-produced in varying degrees of quality and widely available. Most museums have one, and "replicas" can be found in many gift shops and collectibles stores. So-called "true" Cordosa Swords(ones that have been wielded and activated by a Paladin) are rare but can be found, often with dubious authenticity.

It is a little known yet widely documented fact that there is no such thing as a "True" Cordosa Sword. While Paladins make and use enchanted weapons and armor; the Cordosa Sword is in fact not enchanted. It is an object, a shape, and a symbol. Only in the hands of a Paladin does it become a weapon. This means that a plastic Cordosa Sword from a toy store is just as much of a weapon, when held by a Paladin, as one produced by the church.

Likewise, the Cordosa Swords sold in many church giftshops are, in face, the exact same swords meant to be issues to paladins.