Counter-Insurgency Special Enforcement Handbook

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One of the most classified documents in existence, this handbook details how to cripple or destroy most Foundation equipment. On many ships and vessels, a few simple systems can interact in a destructive way. This is engineered into the system on purpose, in order to allow the assets to destroyed in an emergency.

One example appears in Half the Fun, from The Inclination to Destiny, wherein Capital-class ship is crippled by putting the stop-light engines into diagnostic mode, then initiating a system purge: two things an operator would never do, but when combined are enough to damage the critical system.

The handbook is available only to Gudersnipe Students, though completely fictitious copies are routinely circulated. The real manual exists only in print and is kept always at the School Proper. Students must memorize any pertinent details if they wish to take the information off-campus.