Crimson Blade Corps of Engineers

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The Crimson Blade Corps of Engineers, abreviated CBCE, is a sub-organization within the Gudernsipe Crimson Blade. Their primary roll is to handle large civil, military, and mechanical engineering projects that do not meet the criteria to be handed off to Gudersnipe School.

Roughly 80% of new construction within Foundation-controlled space is carried out by the CBCE. Though civilian contractors are occasionally employed, most labor both intelectual and physical is performed by members of the Crimson Blade Construction Battalion, the working hands of the CBCE.

Notable Projects

=The Harpy Long-Range Bomber

Despite having been in operation since the early days of the Foundation, the CBCE have been primarily relagated to less important design tasks. Gudersnipe School is the primary think-tank of the Foundation, with other such organizations comprised of graduates, carrying out the really complex tasks, and the Bees taking care of the legwork.

However, in A.Y. 632, the Foundation recognized the need for a long-range bomber, and turned the challenge over to the CBCE. The result was the Harpy, widely regarded as the highest achievment in a tactical combat multi-roll fighter.

The Million Hammer March

In A>Y. 6822, just ten years after the end of the Kamian Succession Wars, a joint operation was carried out between the CBCE and the