Dark Messiah

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The Dark Messiah is a prophecy found in the The Book of Lore, and is one of the events spoken of that would come to pass after the Breaking of the World. The prophecy has been variously interpreted in a number of ways, though lack of a good modern copy of the book has made it very challenging.


The wording is tricky, having originally been written in Ancient and translated through several other language before Common, further hampering interpretation.


The original text, or earliest known translation:

In days of thunder he shall rise And darkness stirs behind his eyes A roaring storm on darkest night And the bile comes before the blight

The mother and redeemer lay On beds of heather beneath the sky Purity in union bright On a lie set deep beneath the falling night

With winds of wrath the hand raise up And to the champion hold the cup The power came from light and dark And then the world be swallowed up


The Amplified text, with possible derivatives offered:

In days of thunder (it/he/she) shall (rise/fall/stand up) And darkness stirs (before/behind) his (eyes/face/smile) A (raging/roiling/roaring) storm on (brightest day/darkest night) And the (brine/boil/calm/bile) comes (after/before) the (night/blight/fight)

The (mother/conceiver/grandmother) and (redeemed/redeemer/hero/leader) (sleep/die/lay) On beds of (heather/sand/stone/silk/grass) beneath the sky Purity in union (bright/raised up) On a (falsehood/deception/lie) (placed/within/set) deep (underneath/beneath) the falling night

(With/on/over) (wings/winds) of (death/wrath) the (hand/finger/breath) raise up And to the (hero/leader/champion) (carry/bear/wield/hold) the (chalice/mark/banner/cup) The (source/conception/power) (came/was conceived by) from (good/light/purity) and (evil/dark/shadow) And then the world be swallowed up

Many of the wordings are especially challenging as small subtleties in language can completely change the meaning of a phrase.


Baring the exact wording of the text, numerous other supplemental sources from the book of lore provide additional context. The basic interpretation of the prophecy holds that a child will be conceived of both good and evil, who will then attain ultimate power and depending on the parents will destroy the entire world of life. Most agree that this is bad.

Unlike other prophecies mentioned in the Book of Lore, this one does not offer a fork. It cannot be prevented, and it is not a crossroads. It will happen; all anyone can do is delay it.


The Dark Messiah did finally come to pass in the early part of the New Day. It was defeated by Conri Jusenkyou using Echbaldham.