Denehi System

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Denehi is a very densely-populated binary star system in the Gudersnipe Foundation. With nine habitable planets and over two dozen terraformed moons, it is the largest population-center in the entire Foundation, and often theorized as a likely location for the Blind Consul.


Denehi was first charted in A.Y. 1177, and visited by an unmanned probe the next year. The C.B.S. Denehi was quickly dispatched to survey the system (stopping along the way to discover JAL 667), and after completing a survey named the starsystem after the ship. G.S.S. Denehi had seen destinguished service during the early parts of the Golden Age, and was named after another ship which fought during the Mage Wars. The origin of the name of 'Denehi' is unknown.


The Denehi System was selected immediately for large-scale colonization, and the Foundation began taking volunteers from all over. It took a year to plan, and each colony site was carefully mapped out by Foundation engineers before the first resident set foot on it. By A.Y. 1200, 100,000 families a year were being resettled in the Denehi System, and the population bloomed at over 20 million.


The Denehi System has over 136 billion inhabitants, by far the largest single population in the entire known worlds. The population density is not high, however, as that number is spread out over nine large planets, 27 moons, and hundreds of orbital habitats.

Being a thoroughly-planned Foundation settlement, Denehi citizens enjoy a high standard-of-living and are considered, by most civilized standards, to be mostly middle-class.


The system also boasts one of the largest home-guards in the Foundation, with a billion full-time soldiers deployed. This includes all MPs, of course, but the higher-than-average presence has led to the speculation of Denehi as a location for the Blind Consul. The Foundation vehemently denies this, however, stating that the high population-density makes the system a strategic target for terror attacks. If an enemy wished to injure or frighten a large segment of the population, Denehi would be the obvious target.