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A place to organize my campaign.


The game is set aboard the infamous Skyship Destiny, and extra-planar vehicle of sinister origin and intent. It is crewed by a band of mercelous pirates and has been responsible for countless raids and murderous doings. Few have glimpsed the ship and lived, most regard it with vile contempt. Those who have encountered the horrid vessel all tell the same story: it's cargo is pain, and it's captain is insane.

The ship features a portal that can be opened to practically anywhere, this is the only way anything comes and goes from the ship. There is also the mysterious aft-castle, which cannot be immediately accessed.



The ship has a captain and officers who appear to be human, as well as a crew of halflings who do most of the work. The human captain, however, is not actually the captain, and a naga in the mysterious aftcastle is in control.


The players begin the campaign in the brig, having been kidnapped from their homes in the dead of night and secreted away to this awful place. Their captors care little whether they live or die, so it seems unlikely they are to be held for long. From here the players can pretty much pick two options: attempt to break out and sieze control of the ship, or try to join the crew.

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