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The Dracosages were seven wise and powerful Dragons from the Mythical Age, and who are responsible for most of dragon ideology and beliefs. They played a crucial role during the Dragon Cycles. The sages were so wise and powerful that at the end of the Last Dynasty, each was bestowed a Mantle of Immortality. The reverence dragonkind has for these kin is such that the title of Dracosage has never since been bestowed on another.

Though they are immortal, the sages were not immune to some of the normal aging processes of dragons. It is said that after tens of thousands of years, each Sage settled in an eerie of his kin and began to sleep. It is said that any dragon wishing to seek the council of the sages can still reach them in dreams.

The Sages will fly again.


Particularly old and wise dragons may earn the title of "pseudo-sage", which means they are respected enough among dragons to be considered 'like' the dracosages. Pseudo-sages are very rare, and may not be aligned with a single specific flight. The title is reserved specifically for dragons with considerable wisdom, and not for the more common dragon sorcerers who 'only' have great power.