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Dragonite is an orange glowing gemstone found in dragon eeries. The material is formed in veins and probably made from quartz, which undergoes a change after being subjected to dragon magic for eons. The stone glows faintly and can be used as a light source.

Human Usage

Since Dragonite is only found deep in eeries, only extremely limited quantities have ever come in to human possession. While many tons of it may exist and easily be extracted, it is still among the rarest minerals in the known worlds. Though somewhat common in the Mage Wars, by the Ages#The Golden Age the stuff was practically unheard of, with only a dozen or so troy ounces accounted for. The material is magical in nature, and extremely powerful as an enchanting reagent. Most stores in human possession were used up during the late Second Chaotic Period.

Be weight, dragonite is worth several times more than large, flawless diamonds, and many extant samples are polished and cut gemstones. These are usually considered national-level treasures by those who possess them.


In the New Day era, a metal was refined from dragonite, known as Scarlididium.