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Fairview, Ltd., is a whole-owned subsidiary of the Gudersnipe Foundation, and is responsible for manufacturing large faster-than-light drive systems. Their chief customer is the Gudersnipe Foundation, as it is the only facility capable of mass-producing the drives needed for capitol-class warships. Fairview also produces drive systems for many commercial spacecraft, including large inter-stellar transports. Is is the largest FTL Fabrication Facility in the known worlds.

Brand new military grade drives are sold exclusively to the Crimson Blade, however re-manufactured drives are occasionally made available at high cost(a re-built "mil-spec" drive typically sells for more than a brand new one, but is the only way large-sized FTL drives become available.

Fair Haven

Fair Haven is a solar system near Utopia Gregaria and is home to the Fairview LTD Heavy Manufacturing Concern, colloquially known as "the floor". The factory floor is the largest artificially enclosed environment in the known worlds and the largest certified shirt-sleeve environment ever constructed. Very little of the facility has artificial gravity, so workers are still required to wear protective suits.

In truth, very few components of the Python Reactor need be manufactured in zero gravity, it just happens that the larger components are much easier to construct in a no-gravity environment.

The Fair Haven solar system is home to six planets, only one of which supports life, and bears the same name as the solar system. Planet Fair Haven has a population of around three billion, most of whom work for the company in some fashion or another. The entire planet is, in fact, officially owned by the company, a case not true in most instances (Utopia Gregaria, for example, does not "own" the planets that house its work-force).