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Acronym meaning Geoconcentric Actuary Transit Entity, Gudersnipe’s transportation network. The GATE system is owned and operated by the Foundation, with the technology built and administrated by the school, and is also the primary source of revenue for the Gudersnipe Foundation. As the only economic way to transport people and goods from one dimension to the next, it is also the school’s primary political leverage.


The gate utilizes a vast inter-dimensional space to store and transmit power, and as 'lanes' for making connection. Matter is actually transported by folding space: that is, the matter at one point switches places with the matter in another point.


A hub for the GATE network. GATE Hubs very in size and complexity, their locations determined by multi-dimensional physics and not geographic locations. Gudersnipe is known to operate nine Central Hubs throughout the Known Worlds, which support the entire GATE network. These locations are well-defended and highly secret; the bulk of soldiers defending them do not even know what they are guarding.

GATE-Point Interface

While the GATE can move and retrieve objects to and from anywhere within range of a hub without the need for on-site hardware, Point Interfaces are often employed. These interfaces add an extra level of redundancy, as well as reducing the over-all power required for the move.

Transit Hubs

Transit Hubs, also called Central Hubs or Transit Worlds, are not actual GATE hubs but travel hubs where passengers are routed. These are much like airports and used when not taking a direct transit. A favored of the Foundation, called Market World, may in fact cover an entire planet and sees literal billions of travelers pass through per day.


GATE technology was widely employed during the Gudersnipe Army's campaign in the Second Chaotic Period. GATE transport became available along select routes within the last years of the war and was intrumental in establishing the Alliance, but the modern GATE network was not completed until the mid-to-late Golden Age, in A.Y. 1872.

Construction of the network began as soon as the Golden Age did, with the original Gudersnipe fleet being dismantled to provide raw materials and technology. All ships not lost in combat were scrapped in this way, save for the flagship: G.S.S. Geomancer.