Gudersnipe Army

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The official name for Laytami's millitary forces during the Second Chaotic Period. This army would capture and hold key territories, that became the Gudersnipe Foundation. Though it is difficult to destinguish exactly when the Gudersnipe Army became the Gudersnipe Foundation, it is generally accepted that "Gudersnipe Army" is an antiquated term and refers to a specific era of Gudersnipe History.


The army appeared at the begining of the Second Chaotic Period, though they are essentially credited with creating it by destroying the Marcon Alliance.

No base of operations was ever identified for the army; they simply appeared "out of nowhere", seemingly throughout the then known worlds. Their tactics were brutal, effiecient, and fast. Throughout the Second Chaotic Period, they systematically destroyed most of the major multi-world nations that formed and dominated the Dynastic Period.

At the end of the Mage Wars, the Gudersnipe Army focused on strengthening control of captured teritories.

When the Gudersnipe Foundation was officially established in A.Y. 110, the Gudersnipe Army was essentially disbanded, though it was really a fluid transition from one to the other.

Armament and Tactics

The Gudersnipe Army was armed primarily with the Lance, body armor, and a wide range of explosives. Most of the basic field equipment was present in one form or another. Even advanced cultures of the era were dominated by the technological superiority of the Army soldiers.

Every soldier was also a skilled magic-user. Many arguments rage over whether or not the Gudersnipe Army actually employed magic, or if their technology seemed like magic to the less advanced cultures. However, several notable historians able to spot the different between magic and technology stated that the army used both.

Their chief tactic was a direct, large-scale assualt aimed precisely at destroying the enemy's leadership. Large displays of force were often encorporated, including air-burst nuclear detonations behind the advancing army. This had the dual impact of blinding anyone looking at it, and proving that the army's decision to attack rather than obliterate meant they sought control. Many cities surrendered, rather than give way to the invaders, and prospered through capitulation.

Few nations were actually razed in the manner of the Marcons. While the Marcon Alliance was deliberately and savagely destroyed, most other nations of the time were simply broken up or taken over. The Foundation gained a lot of its early territories without ever firing a shot.


The size of the original Gudersnipe Army has been variously estimated as small as a few hundred or upwards of several billion. Judgeing by the amount of territory they were able to capture and control, it was likely on the larger side.

Gudersnipe Fleet

It has long been speculated, but never officially admitted, that the old Gudersnipe Army was backed up by a massive fleet. Not massive in numbers, but massive in scale. Motherships are theorized to be the last remaining vestage of the old fleet.

Based on historical evidence and information gleaned from a close examination of the official registry, the original fleet is theorized to have included three main types: the Mothership, the Mercury Ship, and the Master Ship.