Gudersnipe History

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The History of the Gudersnipe Foundation can best be broken down into three periods: the Army Period, the Foundation Period, and the Reconstruction Period.

Army Period

The Army Period runs from B.G.A. 301 to A.Y. 110, or about 311 years. During this time, the Foundation was a pure millitary force with no known base of operations, carrying out well-executed guerrilla attacks throughout the Known Worlds, specifically targeting the biggest powers and hitting their main weak points.

Foundation Period

Marked by the Gudersnipe Foundation, which was officially founded in A.Y. 110, or the tenth year of the Golden Age.

The Foundation would grow and expand for the next 5,000 years, until the Kamian Succession Wars began in A.Y. 697. The war severely damaged its holdings and displaced many trillions of its citizens.

Reconstruction Period

Reconstruction began immediately after the end of the Kamian Succession Wars in A.Y. 6812 and has no distinct end.

Foundation Year System

The F.Y. or Foundation Year system is a little-used calender devised by the Gudersnipe Foundation and used to make internal memos more confusing. F.Y. uses the founding of the Foundation as its Year 0, with everything before that negative (F.Y. -years) and everything after that counting in positives. However, the F.Y. system uses a 36-hour day, 40-day month, and ten-month year which does not correspond to Dimensional Standard Years and is thus extremely difficult to correlate with other calendars. Also, Gudersnipe School proper is the only branch of the Foundation to run on a 36-hour day; however they still employ a 7-day week and a 12-month year. As a result, the F.Y. System is not used or even mentioned much.