Gnarra Yoff

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Gnarra Yoff was a sorceress of great power who is the only known woman to achieve considerable status within the Marcon Alliance at the height of the empire's power.

Early Life

Gnarra was most likely born initially as a Hetaerina: breeding stock for a wealthy Marconian. Since Hetaerinae were most commonly used to bear heirs to the ruling elite, they were bred for magical potential. Out of a perfect storm of genetics, she was born with considerable power of her own, which she kept secret until early adulthood.

Whatever her childhood, it was most certainly miserable. Women under Marconian rule were treated as property, and while Hetaerina were valued higher than most women, they were ultimately worth less than common slaves (Hetaera, from which the name is derived). Despite her magical prowess, Gnarra probably found her life especially unpleasant: being mistreated regularly, but having to hide the power to fight back.

Rise to Prominence

Gnarra made her abilities known in her late teens when she slew a high-ranking Marconian official, and, under Marcon tradition, claimed his title and status. Marconian law, of course, did not allow this to women, and Gnarra argued her case by slaying the magistrate and claiming his title and position.

This, of course, would not stand either; so Gnarra petitioned for admittance to the Imperial High Court, where she earned her seat by killing a sitting member. It is unknown exactly how many people Gnarra killed in her bid for power, but she was known to be ferocious and quick, and as ruthless as any man on the Court.

Her position was not without precedent: Gnarra may have been born a woman in her first life, but many other members of the Court were female. Traditionally, the only way for a woman to attain power was to have been a man with power in a previous life. Gnarra felt this was unfair, and took power for herself anyway.

Later Live(s) and Death

Gnarra lived for eighty-eight years: an unlucky number in Marconian tradition. Despite opposition, she did succeed in the necessary preparations to reincarnate, and is known to have lived at least one more life, as a man. Like many high-ranking Marconians, she was killed by Lelerough. By all accounts, Gnarra was cowering in a bunker when Lelerough sliced the planet in half.