Gudersnipe Freelancer

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The name actually means Free Lancer, implying that they are generally Lancers not under the direct juristiction of Central Command and Control. Unlike the Crimson Blade, Freelancers actually operate in much more traditional mercenary roles participating in small scale conflicts not involving the Foundation. Freelancer groups can be as small as a few dozen, or operate entire battle groups and carry tens of thousands of soliders.

Affiliation and Operation

Freelancer regiments are typically commanded by a "former" crimson-blader, typically someone with officers training. Depending on the size of the group, it may be one or most of the members. They have access to Crimson Blade weapons and technology, though must usually make due with surplus equipment. Under Grand Standardization, maintaining older equipment is usually quite simple.

While not under the direct command of Central, Freelancer regiments are still considered a part of the greater Gudersnipe Foundation, and thus expected to adhere to the rules of organized warfare as outlined by the Battle Charter.


Freelancer ships are known for being particularly self-reliant, and double as tramp freighters to supplement their income. In particular, Freelancer ships are known to rove signficantly past the bounds of the Known Worlds, and often supply the first information the Foundation ever recieves on new territories.