Gudersnipe School Commendations

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Gudersnipe School has only six comendations that students can earn, two of them only awarded to a single individual or team per term.

The Medals

These four can be earned by anyone, though awards are rare:

  • The Air Medal
  • The Star Medal
  • The Ground Medal
  • The Medical Medal

Each awarded for service above and beyond the call in each area of expertise, and can be recieved for combat, bravery, or scientific achievment.

Rising Star Comendations

The team that scores the highest in a variety of areas is named the Star Unit. Additionally, the individual student with the highest ranking recieves the Star Student citation, he or she need not belong to the team that recieved the Star Unit. These are given at the end of the term shortly before graduation.

Crimson Blade

Comparatively, the Crimson Blade has hundreds of comendations.